Ed Sheeran’s Secret Cameo In Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Is Not What You Expected

Ed Sheeran’s Secret Cameo In Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Is Not What You Expected

The "Shape of You" singer’s cameo has been revealed; get all the details here.

Star Wars: The Rise Of Ed Sheeran

Welcome back! The first week of Shadowriku’s return is a busy one with one more video coming out on later this week! I don’t own any of the music in the video, links down below for the original video for the Star Wars Disco Remix.

Disco Star Wars: https://youtu.be/dWRWYYt47RI

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Anakin & Obi-Wan | Bad Habits (Star Wars)

We’re smarter than this…

hd and headphones for best experience ♥

Oh my god I love these two so much! I was actually working on a sad edit of them, but then I found all these scenes before everything between them went wrong, and I had to give a feel-good edit a chance. �� Though I’m not good with songs with a fast paced beat, I always seem to miss the beat or something, but I gave it a try. This song is sooo good!

Maybe I’ll finish the sad one too, but after rewatching the scene were Anakin “dies” I needed to think about something else. That scene between the two is so heartbreaking.��

Thank you for watching! ��

Movies: Star Wars
Program: Vegas pro 18
Song: Ed Sheeran – Bad habits

This speech by Ed sheeran will make you cry.

Beautiful speech by Ed Sheeran

Sharing this beautiful video with you guys cause it saved my life.

You can watch original video in their channel below.

Video Source: goalcast

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