Frankie’s Story


Tuesday, November 17, 2020 

Hey there, Ranch Island Rescuers! My name is Frankie, I’m a pot-bellied pig (also referred as a “pot belly pig”) and the newest member of the family. I like to play soccer, have long conversations and best believe you will have all my attention the moment you walk into a room! Speaking of conversations I’d like to tell you my story.

My initial family had originally adopted me as an emotional support animal and were told I would be a “teacup,” “mini” or “micro” pig. Those kind of pigs are a fairytale! Us potbelly pigs can grow up to 100 pounds or even bigger. Please understand that when someone tries to tell you about the fairytale pigs, know that my friends have been inbred and are not properly fed. Which is what my family had difficulty with. They thought they were getting a small pet that didn’t require the type of care and attention that I need.

Times are tough for everyone right now and that includes the family that needed me for support. Unfortunately they were not able to keep up with me and had their hands forced into letting me go. But what do you do with a pig like me? Out of desperation their first thought was dumping me out at Red Rock or even… I don’t want to say it… A butcher!

Both, terrifying and a deadly outcome for me. Luckily a volunteer got wind of my possible fate, through facebook, and brought it to the attention of everyone at Ranch Island Rescue. Immediately the team put their heads together and found the space to welcome me in!

I love my new room but it is lacking a certain je ne sais quoi and I need your help. Look for the link (at the top of page) to sponsor me – we appreciate all efforts big and small. The team is hard at work creating my home as well as space for those yet to come and I want to have more friends join me!! Us pigs are very social animals and I know they would LOVE it here. Follow @RanchIslandRescue on Instagram to keep up with the sanctuary and see exactly where all your efforts are going. Can’t wait to show my home, that YOU helped build.



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