RC Revenge Pro Review

RC Revenge Pro Review

Somehow, somewhere, the PlayStation 2 port of RC Revenge Pro took a wrong turn.

RC Revenge pro [PS2] / Playthrough prt.1 | Bronze cup, Griffin the car that could

Hello once again my fellow viewers, first of all fuck canary XL, and wanted to do a disclaimer that I’m not a pro at this game I’m only making this video because some people wanted to see the game. nothing much else but hope you enjoy!

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RC Revenge Pro – Cars Attack

Cars Attack music from Rc Revenge Pro
Download link: https://www.box.com/s/v9sw1as58doqplyszwq9

20:1 A Space Odd RC – Digitally Remastered – RC Revenge Pro – PS2

Look, an actual new episode! Four and a half years! Is this the worst track name ever written? Maybe, if we don’t count custom tracks in games like TrackMania or Trials.
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